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The Coccidia Health dashboard provides real-time insight into OPG performance by flock day at the complex, farm, or house level.

1.     Enter your Intelligence Engine credentials on the login screen.  The username will be your email.  If you do not recall your password, click the “Forgot your password?” link and set a new password following the instructions that are sent to your email.


2.     On the resulting Reports page, click on the Coccidia Health report tile.  If you have access to other Intelligence Engine reports, they will show up on this page also.  

3.     Select the complex of interest from the topmost dropdown.  

4.     Select the flock of interest in the second dropdown.  The flocks are designated by the date of placement.


5.     The topmost chart plots OPG counts (total, small, medium, or large) per sample for the respective flock day, aggregating the data for farms under the complex that were placed on the selected placement date.

  • The x-axis reflects the flock age.  
  • The y-axis is the OPG count.  
  • Each data point on the plot reflects a sample that was collected from the respective day and generated an OPG result.  
  • The horizontal lines reflect the mean OPG value for the flock day.
  • Click on the tabs to view total, small, medium or large OPG results.

6.     Scroll down the page to view the OPG counts at the farm level.


7.     To drill down into the house level, click the “Farm” button to the top right of the graph.


8.     There will be a graph plotting the OPG by flock day for each house at which samples were collected.  

NOTE: DO NOT click the back button to navigate back to the Farm or the Complex.  Doing so will route you back to the reports page.  Instead, click on the complex of interest from the dropdown again.