See risks and eliminate threats weeks before they happen

Turn raw data into refined insights.

Similar to food production, data requires extensive preparation, cleansing, and processing before it is ready for consumption.

Ancera captures microbial observation data, and integrates production trends and volumes of open-source intelligence. At the core of the platform, data science algorithms discover hidden patterns and provide simple, objective answers to food producers.

As a result, they get advance visibility into risk, quantify their production practices, and apply data-driven improvements.

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Data Sources Integrated and Analyzed


Minutes from Observation to the Cloud

50 Million

Broilers Monitored to Date


Estimated Weekly
Savings per Complex

Get the insights you need to reduce risk, increase margins

The Ancera Data Platform offers out-of-the-box monitoring solutions for the biggest threats for protein supply chains. While most technologies in the industry focus on diagnostics and digitizing known information — we are focused on intelligence and providing new visibility to our customers.

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Coccidia System Monitoring (CSM)

Gain advanced visibility into coccidia with a 6-10 week advantage. Quantify your program efficacy and true costs. Confidently stay on or move to the most cost efficient control program... every time.

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Salmonella System Monitoring (SSM)

Gain a new depth of visibility to the Salmonella serovars in your supply chain. Characterize the serotype profile and track changes with your intervention programs. Implement more effective and efficient controls.

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Allied Company Monitoring (ACM)

Track microbial product performance with quantitative data deployed at scale.Allied Industry benefits from robust performance data, improved product efficacy, and greater customer satisfaction.

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An Ontology for Poultry Production

An Ontology is a powerful way to structure and organize interconnected data. Ancera harnesses the complexity of your supply chain by integrating multiple data sources, providing new visibility, and simulating the outcomes of each decision.

Ancera System Diagram

Data Integration

Big Data Analytics

Decision-Ready Analyses

Ancera integrates with 100+ data sources, including historical production data, ERPs, data lakes, open-source intelligence and observational data from our deployed monitoring solutions.

Our Intelligence Engine will persistently analyze databases for production risks, microbial threats, and optimization opportunities.

Poultry companies can act on objective intelligence and improve their decision-making throughout the company. Finance, operations, veterinarians are on the same page. New data improves models and leads to compounding value.

Connecting the Decision-Makers in Food Production

The Ancera Platform allows teams to communicate through a common operating language: data. This benefits the entire organization, from executives that need summarized reports to Ops teams that need critical alerts to specialists making feed mixtures and antimicrobial purchasing decisions.

Complex Manager

Measure what matters across the complex and identify new ways to decrease risk and OpEx.

Live Production Manager

Achieve operational excellence through predictive intelligence and data-driven decision-making.


Understand your exposure to supply chain, microbial and reputation risk. Discover new profit areas in your operations.


Scale your expertise and decision-making with real-time analytics at the population level.


Collaborate with Live Ops and Veterinarians to reduce feed costs and mortality.

Business Analysts

Access volumes of structured data and analytics to model and enable operational excellence.

About the Platform

First digital command center for food supply chain. Ancera platform creates a single pane of glass, to provide new insights that can drive new profits.

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See microbial loads up to 500x faster.

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See microbial compositions up to 10,000x more granular.

Product pages


Drive operational excellence through data-driven insights.

Customers access data according to their preferred format

Executive reports provide a high-level summary of their production risk by complex

Daily users receive detailed charts and graphs into each house, farm, and complex

Access near real-time data through the app

From Vertical Integration to Data Integration

Our goal is to make data-driven objectivity intuitive and easy for our customers. Move from tribal knowledge to high-confidence evidence-based decisions with Ancera.

Understand the root causes of production issues, causality, and scenario outcomes in a collaborative platform. Decisions become increasingly more impactful with additional training data and historical trends.

Automate Routine
Data Collection

Increase the Bottom Line
with Better Decisions

Build a Culture of
Data Literacy

Best-in-Class Data Security and Governance

Ancera is SOC 2 compliant, providing assurance to our customers that we are meeting Trust Service Criteria (TSC) standards for data security, availability, processing integrity, and privacy. Our systems are continuously monitored by Vanta for compliance purposes and a real-time trust report is available upon request.

Data are secured via Microsoft Azure Cloud and our ethical responsibility to preserve the integrity of our customer's data.

The Ancera platform provides data governance, allowing for granular access permissions by company and role based on customer criteria.

Our business model

Ancera deploys its monitoring products tailored specifically to your production goals.

Tailored to Your Business

Tell us your cost, quality, production optimization objectives. We will analyze any data you choose to share during the discovery process and configure the software and monitoring to fit your business.

Accelerated Time-to-Value

Implement at a complex or program critical to your success. Ancera’s initial deployment will optimize a set of nodes in the supply chain in months instead of years.

Unique Business Model

Our forward deployed team sets up the software and monitoring platform. We are with you in the trenches to ensure value creation at record speed.

Simple Answers Derived from Complex Datasets

Break down the siloes between datasets and start unlocking new insights. Here are only a few of the datasets powering our Intelligence Engine:

The world's largest Coccidia Database

CRISPR SeroSeq - Deep Serotyping for 150+ Serovars of Salmonella

Historical vaccine performance

Bio Shuttle performance

Sensor data

Site data

Production history by house, farm and complex

Flock data - mortality, settlement and more



EPA data

OSHA data

NCBI Pathogen data

ERP integration

We want to help.

What are your goals?

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