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Starting with American poultry, Ancera has claimed a unique vantage point on risk and productivity in the food production supply chain. Updated twice a month, we offer novel
insights, analysis, and the evidence from Ancera and our aggregation of the world's
repertoire of untapped data.

Building a BioBarrier: Modern Defense Systems in the War Against Salmonella

The poultry industry stands on the precipice of transformation. Skyrocketing production costs and heightened public vigilance, fueled by documentaries like Netflix's "Poisoned", underscore the urgency for new approaches. Amidst these challenges, companies grapple with transitioning from legacy systems to meet new regulatory standards.


September 14, 2023
Crunching the Numbers: Behind the Scenes with Ancera (Part 3)

In the final part of Ancera Behind the Scenes, I explore Ancera’s data science algorithms and the process that decodes the droppings to reveal insights into the millions of birds monitored each week. To learn more, I interview Charles Copley, Head of Data Science at Ancera.


August 12, 2023
Under the Microscope: Behind the Scenes with Ancera (Part 2)

How does Ancera turn chicken feces into analytical gold? Today I go to Ancera’s Laboratories in Branford, Connecticut where Matt Zwilling leads the company’s on-premise Engineering and Operations, as well as outsourced partnerships.


June 18, 2023
Ancera Monitors 50 Millionth Broiler Chicken to Improve Safety and Profitability of Food Production

Press Release: Innovator of Supply Chain Intelligence Achieves New Milestone for Solutions that Generate the Largest Decision-Focused Datasets in Poultry Industry


June 10, 2023
From the Field to the Lab: Behind the Scenes with Ancera (Part 1)

How does Ancera turn chicken feces into valuable analytics? In this series, I shadow and interview the team members responsible for each step in turning samples into actionable information. Today I go to Northeast Georgia where Nick Hodgson leads Ancera’s Live Poultry Strategy.


June 1, 2023
Ancera: Driving a Different Kind of Innovation

For the food production customers we serve, net-new visibility means delivering products that reveal insights they could not have unearthed previously. We shine a spotlight on what they can do to reduce risk and generate new profits throughout their supply chains.


March 8, 2023
Stop counting things, focus on the things that count

Veterinarians have one of the most specialized skills in a poultry enterprise. And yet, they spend nearly 90% of their time traveling between production sites and generating the data they need to make decisions. It’s time to let technology reduce both wasteful activities.


January 19, 2023
For flocks infected with Salmonella, 91% harbored multiple serovars

Salmonella has been around for a long time and it continues to pose problems for food producers. That’s not new knowledge, but the problems seem to be developing new significance.


January 19, 2023