Throughout the food production supply chain.

Threats, decreased.

Margins, increased.

We build integrated software and hard science products. We give food producers visibility they do not have today. We help you generate new profits.

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Transforming food supply with advanced technology.

The same people who feed the world today will feed it 30 years from now. But today, those who produce the world's most abundant source of protein--American poultry producers--are losing money. While efficiency has steadily improved since the 1950s--profit hasn't. And the future looks complex- changing consumer demands, geopolitical strife, heightened regulation, emerging outbreaks, and supply-chain snarls.

At Ancera, we are scientists, engineers, and food production insiders. Our mission is clear. We are building to help producers see what they couldn’t see before. We are here to challenge every operating assumption you currently have. We believe that what's done in the name of science is too often just inertia.

We are here to deliver on this promise: you- our customer, will be able to See, Act, and Earn more tomorrow than you can today. Learn More About Our Mission.

Food production’s first digital command center. A single-pane
look at your Supply Chain.

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Ancera provides understanding of what's happening in your supply chain. By letting
you see patterns not previously “see”-able, you can make decisions sooner and with
greater confidence. Those new insights can drive new profits.

Real World Data

Built with food producers' Real World Data to drive actions with evidence.

Domain Expertise

Built with food producers' Real World Data to drive actions with evidence.

Scaled Interactions

Systems that scale across thousands of sensors, data sources, and domains.


21st Century Food Production backed by 21st Century Science.

Poultry production margins are under constant threat. Producers are at the mercy of volatility, changes in seasonality and new microbial threats. Ancera's monitoring systems uses your data in real-time to help producers make more confident decisions up to 500x faster.

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Fortify and expand your enterprise. Transform your and your clients' data into actionable insights.

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Get supply chain visibility like never before.

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