Building the intelligent food supply chain

The world will depend more on poultry to feed humankind — climbing to 153.9 million metric tons in production in 2031. Chicken is economically efficient, culturally universal and abundant in protein. However, companies are losing money producing poultry due to rising input costs, market volatility, supply chain disruptions, and microbial threats. We are focused on solving these problems with intelligent supply chain capabilities that make food production rewarding for producers and safe for consumers.

Ancera develops 21st century science to enable 21st Century food production. By combining the power of advanced microbiology, data science, and supply chain expertise we are already delivering mission-critical intelligence to some of the world's largest food companies.

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Providing new visibility for our customers

We are scientists, engineers, and poultry insiders

Ancera is a technology company that persistently monitors food supply chains to mine threat intelligence and discover new productivity opportunities. Unlike diagnostic companies and ERPs, we go beyond data generation and produce simple, powerful insights.

Ancera's core products offer new visibility, so customers can identify and eliminate threats before they materialize.

Our products reduce systemic supply chain risks, discover new profits, and become data-driven businesses.

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Meet the team

Arjun Ganesan


Maharshi Trivedi

VP, Product Development and Operations

Joe Sturonas

VP, Systems Development

Craig Kiebler

VP, Product Innovation


We are microbiologists, software engineers, and poultry insiders

We're looking for world class talent and people excited to build the assays, algorithms and relationships that revolutionize food production.

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We're data-driven at our core and make decisions based on real world evidence.

We combine complementary skillsets and use collaboration to build impactful products.

We build where the market is going, driving a new type of innovation based on the future of food.

Ancera by the numbers

50 Employees

80% PhD or Highly Technical Staff

10 Years

in Operations

20,000 sqft

Ancera and Partnered Laboratories

16 Terabytes

of Microbial Data Analyzed

50 Million

Broiler Chickens Monitored to Date

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six people get food poisoning every year, representing some 48 million people — including 128,000 who require hospitalization and 3,000 fatalities... Ancera allows quality control professionals with no prior biology training to understand their production and risk across the supply chain.

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