Salmonella System Monitoring

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Gain a new depth of visibility into the Salmonella serotypes in your supply chain. Characterize the serotype profile and track the patterns in your intervention programs. Implement more effective and efficient controls.

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Serotypes Identified in a Single Ancera Test


of Flocks with Salmonella Harbored Multiple Serotypes


Serotypes Commonly Found in Each Ancera Test

Key benefits

Identify high consequence serotypes at the earliest known detection points in the production chain.

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  • Prevent Salmonella from disrupting business operations

  • Meet customer expectations for Salmonella status

  • Lead the industry in best practices, staying ahead of regulatory changes

  • Avoid costly outbreaks and recalls

  • Deploy a monitoring system, custom-fit to your supply chain and operations

We're Serious About Serotypes

Ancera's Salmonella System Monitoring (SSM) Platform persistently monitors for hidden patterns among Salmonella Serotypes present in the supply chain.

By monitoring at a level of unprecedented granularity, live production can identify their intervention efficacy, implement improvements and reduce Salmonella entering the plant.

Improved Food Safety

Characterize the Salmonella serotype profile across live production to prevent threats from entering the plant. Ancera’s Deep Serotyping identifies threat trends and anomalies at the earliest stages of production, protecting against Human Health Concern (HHC) serotypes and brand reputation damage.

Supply Chain Risk Monitoring

Access a significantly deeper level of microbial threat data with Deep Serotyping technology using CRISPR-SeroSeq. Ancera’s Platform persistently analyzes data and reports trends by risk level.

Improved Intervention Efficacy

Implement highly effective interventions based on historical trend analysis and persistent monitoring data. Ancera’s platform allows Live Ops, Food Safety, and Veterinarians to understand which interventions are working and how to improve sub-optimal programs.

Empowering Teams with New Visibility

Ancera's SSM introduces a new paradigm. One where food safety and food production collaborate with a common goal and common operating language: data.

Complex Manager

Reduce the risk of Salmonella entering the plants, increasing operational continuity.


Prevent Salmonella Serotypes of Human Health Concern (HHC) from entering downstream operations.


Improve brand equity through food safety leadership. Avoid costly recalls and stay ahead of regulatory changes.


Understand which interventions are working and which are not through deep serotype profiles.

Live Production Manager

Ensure Salmonella intervention costs are deployed in the most cost effective manner.

Business Analysts

Access structured data with new levels of granularity. Risk stratification data allows for highly accurate trend analysis.

Salmonella System
Monitoring Overview

Ancera analyzes genetic sequences from key areas of production to create a serotype profile.

Ancera's analytics pipeline prepares a digital report.

Poultry companies understand which interventions are working and which aren't. Companies apply data to make improvements to their interventions.

Leveraging CRISPR - SeroSeq Technology

Current Salmonella surveillance protocols rely on characterizing a few colonies to represent an entire sample. Ancera provides acensus of all present serotypes using CRISPR - SeroSeq.

  • Detect low abundance Senterica in a mixed population

  • Detect multiple serovars in asingle sample

  • Differentiate between Salmonella strains in a mixed sample

“To fully comprehend the risks posed by Salmonella in different agricultural systems or environments, serovar diversity should also be considered.”

Dr. Nikki Shariat

UGA College of Veterinary Medicine

High-Resolution Identification of Multiple Salmonella Serovars in a Single Sample by Using CRISPR-SeroSeq

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Ninety-one percent of samples harbored multiple serovars.

Dr. Nikki Shariat

Department of Population Health
Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center
Assistant Professor

Does your current process need an upgrade?

Salmonella has typically been monitored on the processing side, but our new technology allows live side operators to start denying Salmonella access to the plant.

Isolate vs Media
Ancera SSM

Identifies 1-2 serotypes


Detects all serotypes present

Subject to sampling biases


Highly reliable identification, removing human error and subjective biases

Specialists spend valuable time traveling, collecting samples


Specialists save valuable time and reinvest in deep analyses and informed decision-making

Difficult to deploy at scale


Identifies opportunities to deploy resources more efficiently


How does SSM generate data?
How does SSM measure risk?
How does SSM's methodology support live operations?
How do I access the data?
Do you provide quantification of Salmonella?
Can SSM get me to Category 1?

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