Salmonella Monitoring & Management

The Salmonella Umbrella
to Shield Your Operations from 150+ Serotypes

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Industry Challenge

New Regulations are coming...

“Requiring incoming flocks to be tested  for Salmonella before entering an establishment...”
-  USDA FSIS, Component 1 of The Proposed Regulatory Framework
to Reduce Salmonella Illnesses Attributable to Poultry (Oct 11, 2022)

Your Customer Requirements are Evolving

Government, further processing, and retail are now defining safety standards down to the Serotype level.

Existing Tools Lack Key Capabilities

Legacy methods detect the fastest growing serotype, often missing those that can be human health concerning and later found in post-chill carcasses, parts, and ground poultry meat.

The Solution

Introducing Salmonella System
Monitoring (SSM)

The future of food safety is not just about reducing the number of Salmonella but understanding the type–and that’s where we come in.

SSM combines novel Deep Serotyping technology with an easy-to-use software platform. With better data and tools, integrators can make better decisions and apply more effective interventions.

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How Does Deep Serotyping Compare to Legacy Diagnostics?

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Understand How Serotypes Enter a Plant

Product Capabilities

Track the prevalence of 150+ Salmonella Serotypes

Analyze data by risk category, production stage, location, and time

Understand changes in the Serotype composition in near real-time across the Complex

Identify High-Risk Farms

Product Capabilities

Understand Serotype risk down to the specific farm and house

Focus time and resources at only the most critical locations

Implement targeted investigations and interventions

Map Horizontal and Vertical Transmissions

Product Capabilities

Identify real-time Serotype transmission patterns

Take action against newly discovered horizontal transmissions

Mitigate systemic vertical transmission risk between breeders to broilers, hatchery to broilers, or broilers to the plant

Deploy Targeted, Efficient Interventions

Product Capabilities

Deploy high-cost interventions, such as organic acids only where needed

Access 24/7 intelligence into your control program efficacy

Develop long-term control programs that control for your Serotype profile

Customer Use Cases

We know every production system is unique. Our team will develop a Deep Serotyping strategy based on your objectives. Here are just a few of the ways integrators today are leveraging SSM  to achieve their strategic objectives:

Core Compliance

Meet new USDA FSIS requirements for pre-harvest monitoring
Reduce harmful Salmonella Serotypes entering the plant

Operational Excellence

Optimize intervention and control program spend
Improve logistical slaughter based on live operations data

Customer Champion

Improve plant category status
Reduce harmful KPI Serotypes specified by your customers’ procurement standards
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