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Real-World Evidence for the Products that Power Poultry.

Quantify efficacy, succeed in trials, win new business.

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The Industry Challenge

Today, Allied companies spend
20-30% of their hard-won revenue on servicing their business.

Vendors need trusted third-party objective data that proves their products’ contribution to animal performance and food safety — all without distracting from their core business.

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Status Quo:

Pen trials are costly and fail to represent real-world conditions

Contract labs struggle to operate at the scale and timeliness needed for live production

Posting sessions provide anecdotal data, lacking quantitative data for informed decision-making

In-house labs increase capital expenditure and distract from core business growth

The Solution

Introducing Allied Company Monitoring (ACM)

You need quantitative evidence from an objective third-party that proves product efficacy in a real-world setting.

Scale Your Trial Capacity by 10x

Ancera’s data-enabled trial design has increased the probability of success from 50% to 95%.

Reduce SG&A Costs

Software analytics reduces the need for technical services visits, dedicated infrastructure, and data science investments.

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Customer Use Cases

New Product Development

Vendors develop new feed additives, anti-microbials, vaccines, and more with quantifiable proof of efficacy. Data are fed into your R&D efforts to implement continuous improvement strategies.

Trial Success

Run successful field trials with improved trial design, scenario simulations, real-world conditions, and demonstrable results for new integrator customers.

Real-Time Product Monitoring

Conduct comprehensive real-time surveillance to predict and triage product defects. Set a new standard for customer satisfaction, up to 10x faster than legacy methods.

New Microbial Tools to Prove Efficacy

Access proprietary assays designed for the information age. Ancera’s novel microbial detection tools detect, classify, and enumerate cells with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

New levels of specificity and precision

Scalable, non-invasive testing

Automated operations and analysis

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Ancera’s Approach is Based in
Real-World Evidence

Traditional pen trials fail to represent the microbial chaos of a high-speed commercial production system.

Ancera Field Trial Simulation Results

Intelligent Trial Design Allows you to Win More, Spend Less

Simulate 1000’s of field trials outcomes with Machine Learning and data models

Design the optimal trial that gives your product the best possible chance for success

Conduct more successful field trials at almost half the cost of traditional techniques

Providing Objective Real-World Evidence For:

Animal Health Solutions

Gut Health
Coccidia Agents
Litter Treatments/Amendments

Feed Additives

Organic Acids


Sanitation Supplies
Manual Cleaning

Food Safety & Pathogen Control

Lab Equipment
Litter Treatments/Amendments

Who Benefits?

Sales Leaders

Keep and win more business by scaling your team.
Ancera manages the entire process, increasing your sales conversion and customer retention with successful trial data.

Technical Services

Improve team efficiency.
Proactively monitor your products deployed at customer sites with 24/7 visibility without labor intensive field visits.

Research & Development

Reliably deliver on your customer’s timeline.
Save time and money from rote monitoring and testing. Reinvest those resources into high-value new product development and innovation.

What the Market is Saying about Allied Company Monitoring

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We want to learn more about your objectives and design a solution right-sized to your goals.

Talk to an Ancera product expert and learn how objective 3rd party product efficacy data can help you increase sales and decrease costs.

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