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Gain advanced visibility into coccidia with a 4-8 week advantage. Quantify your program efficacy and true costs. Confidently stay on or move to the most cost efficient control program... every time.

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Estimated Savings per Week per Complex

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Creating New Visibility and Value for Live Production

Ancera's Coccidia System Monitoring (CSM) Platform persistently monitors for risk and identifies cost savings.

Non-invasive sample collections are rapidly analyzed in the cloud. Data Science models provide insight into historical trends and ongoing anomalies. The platform provides Coccidia patterns in near real-time and offer analyses that determine the most effective and efficient course of action.

Save Time & Money

Reduce input and labor costs. Ancera's CSM platform saves production teams and veterinarians hours from routine data collection. Teams access empirical data at scale, with decision-ready analyses. As a result, they implement more effective and efficient control programs that improve feed conversion.

Increase Productivity

Always stay on the lowest cost-effective cocci control program. Early detection and alerting allow Complex Managers, Live Ops, Veterinarians, and Nutritionists to optimize their feed conversion ratio (FCR). Broilers reach optimal, consistent weights.

Improve Poultry Health & Welfare

By detecting and identifying coccidia 4-8 weeks in advance, Live Ops and Veterinarians proactively implement highly effective control programs. Platform intelligence leads to decisions that reduce the risk of illness and mortality in broiler flocks.

Empowering Teams with Causal, Evidence-Based Data

The Ancera Platform allows teams to communicate through a common operating language: data. This benefits the entire organization, from executives that need summarized reports to Ops teams that need critical alerts to specialists making feed mixtures and antimicrobial purchasing decisions.

Complex Manager

Achieve operational excellence by reducing OpEx costs throughout the complex. Ancera data recovers lost points of yield throughout the supply chain, with insights from house to complex level.

Live Production Manager

Automatically detect and respond to risks weeks before they materialize. Teams leverage data-driven insights to boost production, FCR and product consistency

Finance & Accounting

Identify lost points of yield across the supply chain and receive data-driven recommendations. Finance teams benefit from standardized reporting and OpEx reduction.


Confidently and accurately keep broilers on the lowest-cost effective control program. Veterinarians spend less time collecting data so they can use data to make more impactful decisions.


Improve feed conversion rate by optimizing feed costs and minimizing mortality. Data provides insights to nutritionists that increase overall broiler yield.

Business Analysts

Access the world's largest Coccidia database with clean, structured data. Business Analysts can integrate multiple data sources to identify yield optimization opportunities throughout the supply chain.

Automating Coccidia Monitoring

Conventional methods to quantify Coccidia Oocysts are manual and time intensive. Ancera’s CSM platform automates microbial data analysis so producers receive simple insights that improved production.

  • High throughput, robust, and reliable methodology

  • Enables routine, non-invasive monitoring for poultry operations

  • New opportunities to understand and improve epidemiology and economic outcomes

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Notional Cost-Benefit Analysis

A producer that used Ancera’s Intelligence managed to save $1.5M across an entire complex by switching to a lower-cost, higher efficacy control program. Beyond the savings in effective control, the company also realized even more value from gaining an additional two points of feed conversion (FCR) that would have otherwise been lost to underperforming birds and higher mortality.


feed costs from underperforming farms and houses ($30k to $75k/week)

0.05 to 0.25

lbs per underweight bird ($50k to $200k/week)

$10k to $20k

Suboptimal control program costs ($10k to $20k/week)

Ancera represents progress in the poultry industry.

— Former General Manager of one of the Largest US Poultry Companies

Does your current process need an upgrade?

Ancera's main competitor is the status quo: The preventable $5 Billion economic loss of underperforming birds, increased mortality, inefficient control programs, and lost points of feed conversion.

Ancera CSM

Current / lagging indicators of bird performance


4-8  week leading indicators of underperformance

Random sampling, not representive of population health


Data science models that accurately scale to complex level

Specialists spend valuable time traveling, collecting samples


No travel or sample collection required, specialists reinvest time into data analysis and decision-making

Qualitative diagnoses


Quantitiative data

Requires tribal knowledge and human biases to determine the optimal control program


Algorithmically determines the optimal control program for efficacy, input costs and FCR

Not scalable


Creates a data-driven organization that improves with each decision


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